Pork’s Peak- The Famous Mud Run Mountain


You may never mount Everest, but when you come get dirty with our dash, you can make it up and down Pork’s Peak, Sherpa free. Scramble up, slide down, and then #selfie to prove just how hard your ass is to all your non-dirty friends. ¬†You might not get your name in the paper or stake your country’s flag on top, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you summited Pork’s Peak.



  • Hannah Moore says:

    Hi there! I was on RunMichigan.com and saw that they said there was ” The Dirty Dash Detroit” at Mt. Morris on Sept. 13th. When I clicked on the link they gave me to register to sign up, and it took me to your website. Your Locations don’t even show that you have one in Michigan at all. Will you be in Michigan for this race? and if so, how do I register for it?

    Thank you again

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