Undergarments Not Optional


While you may be tempted to look up “Dirty Dangler” on Urban Dictionary, trust us when we say this rope-based obstacle is the wholesome version of the term.  Our Dirty Dangler is a test of mind over body in the way that you must not mind having so many other bodies in your personal space.  And boys don’t forget your undershorts, because no one signed up to see that dirty dangler either.


  • Wendy says:

    A couple years ago, I was going through an obstacle that included crawling through water on one’s hands and knees. It was a crowded obstacle, and we were all pretty close. I glanced up as I was crawling along, and discovered the girl in front of me hadn’t read this particular blog post and was going commando.

    I am polite, so I just made sure to never look anywhere ahead of me the rest of that obstacle.

    As I got out, my husband was waiting for me, and at the same time as I said, “You will NEVER believe what I just saw!”, he said, “I just overheard the funniest thing- some girl didn’t realize these obstacles would be this gnarly and apparently gave someone quite the show!”


  • Johnd375 says:

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